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Quote Submission Requirements

  • Current Schedule of Benefits
  • Current PPO Network
  • Current and renewal rates
  • Current Census
  • Requested Quote Information
  • Inforce Stop Loss Parameters
  • Monthly Claims (include number of employees for most recent 24 months)
  • Large claimants in excess of 50% of the lowest requested specific deductible, including diagnosis and prognosis, as well as any ongoing conditions

Medical Stop-Loss Features

  • Minimum required lives
  • Specific deductibles $25,000 to $1,000,000
  • Unlimited specific maximum
  • Specific advancement
  • Terminal liability
  • Monthly aggregated accommodation
  • No new laser on renewal
  • Split funding
  • Policy mirrors plan document
  • Aggregate maximum $1,000,000; higher options available
Clinical Risk Management
Claims Administration
Total Pharmacy Solution